Senin, 24 Nopember 2014
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Monument of Kediri (SLG)

slide-1If you listen name L'arch D 'Triomphe, what was think in your mind?, France?, Glory?, Prosperity?, You're right. All this is reflected in the values of the Monument of Glory in France. But if there is a similar monument in Kediri, is a think in your mind?.

Yes, Monument Kediri arch resembling L'D 'Triomphe in France that stands majestically in the middle of the intersection of Five Gumul - Kediri the pile Simpang Five Gumul development of the area into a new urban area Regency Kediri. The difference is, this monument has the spirit of the founding of Kediri Regency positioned so that the monument is right in the middle of a five lane road towards Pare, Kediri, Plosoklaten, Pesantren and Pamenang.

Monument that has a building area of 804 square meters, at the fulcrum 3 stairs 3 meters from the bottom of the monument, and the height of 25 meters, so if we are on the roof of the monument we can see the whole panorama of the Kediri and projected development is a friend of the overall trade area of 37 ha . On the Kediri monument sculpted reliefs of the history of Kediri to the arts and culture of today. Wide and tall monument also reflects the date, month and year anniversary Kediri Regency, 25 March 804 AD.

Kediri monument is located at Simpang Lima Gumul, an icon Kediri Regency. Location only within ± 6 km (± 10 minutes) from the city of Kediri or ± 120 km (± 2.5 hours) from Juanda Airport Surabaya. This area is projected to become the new city and trade center of the western part of East Java (Central Business District) has begun to equip themselves with the convention hall and multipurpose building, the Bank, inter-city bus terminal and MPU, and the magnificent recreational facilities Water Park, Gumul Paradise Island.

This area was never empty of visitors in the evening by relaxing in the monument area, or enjoy the traditional culinary street vendors selling in that line Tugu Market area. On Saturday and Sunday morning the area is full of visitors who berolaraga jogging track, recreation with family, and also enjoy the bustling Saturday market on Sunday (Tugu). The design of the future, this area will be equipped hotels, malls, shops, wholesale centers, and centers superior products and souvenirs. While the monument area immediately used as a mini market, conference hall cafeteria, and tourism and trade information center.

As a tourist attraction, Kediri Regency which is currently still in the process of development. The attractiveness of a given, among others:

  1. Design and architecture are designed almost like the Arch D'Triomphe France, but rather highlighted the cultural arts Kediri Regency     Diorama of the history of Kediri in the building.
  2. 28 m high monument, 8 floors.
  3. Three roads to the underground tunnel leading to the monument.
  4. Right in the middle position and at the intersection of five trade centers Kediri Regency.
  5. Tourists can reach the bridge to see the beauty of the monument Kediri.
  6. Ministry of Tourism and Information Centre Potential Kediri Regency.
  7. Provided mini markets, cafeterias, and a variety of souvenir shops Kediri


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